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ITeam - playing in a team
ITeam - the name is an obligation. Our company not only stands for the unique people but also the good team they make. We have developed our careers in IT because finding solutions and making reality more efficient is our passion.

To successfully strive for achievement of our common goals, we must have a competent, perfectly matched team. The process of building this team has been ongoing at our company since its establishment. We begin with an extensive candidate selection process, and when the candidates become our employees, we only focus on their development. We also remember that nobody is perfect and none of us is an expert in everything - therefore we continuously expand the scope of our personal competences, seek innovation, recognise new technologies and support each other, both in the field of IT and standard business knowledge.

With this approach, we optimise the potential of our staff and build flexible project teams, which are capable of pursuing a broad range of tasks. In our organisation, one expert is not permanently assigned to a single role or project - according to his actual competence, experience, predisposition, skills and commitment; he may follow different roles in different projects, or work on different projects. This enables us to view various matters from multiple perspectives and to find the best answers to your questions.

Consequently, at ITeam we have gathered a group of people capable of flexible implementation of interdisciplinary projects in various technologies, at any level of complexity, and you shall have full service in one place.

We give you more

Execution of an IT project does not only consist of supplying a working IT solution to you. Effective communication between us, building relationships, and active search for solutions - these contribute to an ultimately successful project. We focus on identifying your visions and goals together with you, to determine the real needs of your business and to translate them into the language of computers.

Here are our primary objectives:

  • to understand your business needs well,
  • to employ our own experience, IT and business expertise to handle the challenge you bring to our attention,
  • to develop a successful solution through discussion and consultation,
  • to build a system or solution that will yield the originally intended results at your organisation.

Our mission in our daily work is to effectively help our clients achieve their goals with the use of information technologies. This is all to become a strategic partner for our clients in building their competitive advantage through implementation of IT solutions.

The result we achieve is the fulfilment of your business needs. Below are some of the principles and values our team adheres to in our daily work:

  • Competence and innovation:
    With our knowledge and experience, we are capable of creating systems that combine state-of-the-art technologies with verified solutions.
  • Professionalism and continuous improvement:
    We continuously improve ourselves, the tools we use, the methods we apply and our service range. We draw conclusions from every success and from any failure.
  • Quality and flexibility:
    We always try to deliver high-end solutions while remaining flexible with regard to the client's requirements.
    Long-term customer satisfaction is the measure of the quality of our services and products.
  • Accountability and confidence:
    We will always complete our assignments reliably. We value highly the confidence we have among our clients, and we do our best to strengthen this confidence.
  • Respect and fairness:
    We are fair to our clients, colleagues, and competitors. We respect them and the products of their work.
Work is very important, but there is more to life than that

We do not stay at work overnight and when we leave the office, we return to our daily routines, our homes, friends and family - this is because we truly appreciate a healthy balance in life, which should encompass everything important to us.

Travel, skiing, snowboarding, jazz, photography, climbing - these are only some of our enthusiasm that we enjoy after hours. The important thing is that we have time for these, as we are not controlled by office hours only. We spend our leisure time as we like - relaxing, or pursuing our hobbies. We are different but still connected by the links that allow us to be ourselves and to enjoy every moment. The most important thing is the satisfaction one gains from achievement of one’s plans and passions, the enjoyment of making dreams come true, and making sure to follow the maxim that says: do what you like doing, and you will not have to work any more.

Let us add that our ITeam building philosophy has the effect that more than 60% of our employees have stayed with the company for over 8 years.

ITeam - our team will find a solution for you - just ask. Come to us, let's meet.