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IT infrastructure maintenance
Focus on your business, and let us handle the technical issues - this is the shortest and most accurate definition of our broad-ranged system maintenance and IT infrastructure management services. Let us relieve you of the burden of technicalities and issues incidental to the business, have peace and professional support in the field of IT and use the time saved to strengthen your competitive edge.
According to the client's needs, we may offer technical support with comprehensive system and IT environment maintenance as well as performance of independent single services, focusing around the following areas:
  • Post-implementation service and technical support in the field of IT (under a service agreement)
    • daily help in resolving user problems, monitoring and maintenance of systems produced by ITeam (SLA)
    • further development and updates for our software
    • helpdesk for employees and administrators for resolving problems related to advanced network/server solutions as well as workstations and peripherals
    • IT consultancy
  • Overseeing IT environments and processes existing in your company
  • Maintaining live IT infrastructure
    • managing servers, network and user hardware
    • monitoring and overseeing proper functioning of the IT infrastructure
  • Comprehensive IT systems implementation
    • implementation in the field of software, servers and networks
  • Audits of selected areas of IT (including software compliance, information security)
  • Hardware and software delivery
This is only a sample specification of our services. Contact us and we will talk about how we can solve your problems…
Approach to execution
Our technical support assurance process comprises such activities as:
  • Identifying your needs
    Our cooperation begins with learning about your needs and problems; if necessary, we will also recognise the existing IT infrastructure solutions at your business.
  • Choosing the range of services
    Do you need comprehensive support, or perhaps only a single specific service? Together we will choose a set of component services that will offer optimised satisfaction of your needs and resolve any problems you may report.
  • Agreeing on the format and parameters of our cooperation
    In order to provide our services efficiently, in compliance with your organisation's standards and specific requirements, we will set the operating parameters for individual services (e.g. SLA levels) and we will define procedures for our cooperation and technical conditions of our team's proceeding.
  • Commencement...
    We will commence our activities immediately after signing the contract so that you achieve positive results in the shortest time possible. We put an experienced and friendly team at your disposal and access to advanced work monitoring tools (allowing you to order jobs on-line and to trace their progress on an ongoing basis).
Areas of competence
Our qualified team of administrators and technical support personnel will help you on a daily basis with such issues as:
  • servers:
    • choosing the right hardware platform and server software,
    • operating systems installation and administration (Linux, MS Windows Server),
    • installation and administration of server services (www, application servers, e-mail, etc.) and databases,
    • designing and implementing backup systems,
    • implementing a system for continuous monitoring of server-based services (with automatic problem notification);
  • workstations:
    • advice on choosing the right hardware and software for users,
    • supplying computers, peripherals and software,
    • installation of operating systems and application software on workstations,
    • hardware diagnostics, modernisation and maintenance,
    • personnel training and support in hardware and software use,
    • auditing software in terms of compliance, licence management;
  • networks:
    • designing network solutions,
    • configuring network devices,
    • designing and implementing VPN connections and remote access to corporate network,
    • implementing network functioning and use monitoring,
    • designing and comprehensive installation of structural cabling;
  • security:
    • IT maturity and security audits,
    • designing and implementing an integrated IT security policy for your company,
    • advice on business continuity assurance,
    • implementing antivirus and anti-spam systems on workstations and e-mail servers,
    • designing and implementing firewall systems.
We can perform these tasks by ourselves or in collaboration with the client's IT team.
If you hire our team to provide technical support, you will achieve the following:
  • peace of mind for yourself and business continuity for your company - as soon as we sign an agreement, we take responsibility for your IT problems and you minimise the risks of your operations in the field,
  • no need to pursue administrative tasks related to IT and you will be able to use the recovered resources for other purposes,
  • improved efficiency and safety of your business operations - we offer short response times and availability of our specialists at any time of day,
  • you will have a reliable partner with knowledge in the field of IT infrastructure, updated on a regular basis,
  • you will not need to worry about quality of service - our processes are covered by an ISO 9001 system and are audited regularly, we have an implemented business continuity assurance system, we take proper care of information security and confidentiality (these are only some of the aspects that guarantee reliable service),
  • you will find all the services required for your business operations in one place.