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Maintaining and developing legacy software
Companies are often dissatisfied with the service provided by external IT companies or they worry about lack of in-house resources to provide such services. Staff rotation, few experts with required experience, high IT labour costs are not making things any easier, especially if the company needs to maintain and develop existing software.
We offer a comprehensive service that consists in maintaining and developing the existent software (source code). We like challenges and do not take it for granted that creating new code would always be a better option than building on somebody else’s work. Adopting such an approach, we are able to assist the Client in times of need and deal with the reported problem.

Depending on what our Client requires, we are ready to effectively verify and take over the maintenance or development of software used by their company.

How do we go about it?
The scope of tasks within the service of maintaining your legacy code is always specified in detail on a case by case basis, depending on the context, technology, the scope of documentation available and area of business where the software is used. The standard steps we take are as follows:
  • Consultation on the scope and manner of further collaboration
    In the first stage, we learn about context and company’s needs, find background information and the purpose of the software, so that we can define possibilities and the scope of future actions and potential collaboration.
  • Legacy software audit and setting the timeline for further action
    Modern systems consist of many levels and interfaces. During the audit we detect the complexity of a given software, verify its completeness and check technological aspects of its current version, we analyse its technical documentation and discuss existing problems and current plans, along with the company’s needs related to those plans. The goal is to gain clarity and knowledge necessary to design and ensure efficient service.
  • We complete tasks that you assign to us and ensure that your software works fine
    We have a fully trained team of specialists, including analysts, consultants, architects, coders, testers and administrators, and we do not need to hire subcontractors. Depending on our agreement, we can ensure active monitoring of proper functioning of your software, eliminate problems, carry out system adaptation in case of change, advise you in case of doubts – all in a one-stop shop. Comfy, isn’t it?
Several times in our history we have accepted the challenge to develop legacy software – we know perfectly well what it involves, and we will not hesitate to go for it. That is why, if you give us such assignment, you will:
  • gain a reliable Partner, tested and experienced in implementing such projects,
  • avoid problems with finding in-house staff dedicated to developing such software, and no longer be bothered by issues related to staff rotation,
  • no longer have to hear from other IT companies that they need to write a code analogous to yours from scratch,
  • avoid costs of creating new solutions to replace the ones currently in use, leaving them unsupported,
  • gain the opportunity to control costs on a day to day basis and supervise the work on-line via an app we will provide,
  • get professional support from us at each and every stage of our collaboration and system use, including active counselling and comprehensive system maintenance service,
  • ensure continuity of your business and radically reduce the risk of any stoppages (resulting from software malfunction).