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Our competences
Our experienced team is prepared to pursue projects in various technologies and at various levels of complexity, starting with simple applications and ending with major IT systems integration projects.
Below is a presentation of selected areas of our competence - this is an open list, and if you are interested in any technologies outside the list, just ask and we will certainly find the right solution.
Areas of competence in the field of software analysis and development
  • sales process (particularly for the financial sector)
  • after-sales and accounting service for an extensive range of financial products (car loans, cash loans, mortgage loans, credit cards, leases and insurance)
  • commission-based settlements for sales networks
  • monitoring and enforcement of debts receivable
  • management of paying agencies
  • e-marketing processes, loyalty programs and call centre
  • data exchange processes between systems (EDI)
  • new services available online, e-business
  • online B2B and B2C class systems
  • business platforms supporting workflow and decision-making
  • intranet solutions and corporate portals
  • IT systems integration for business mergers
Types of manufactured systems
  • Internet applications
  • mobile applications
  • desktop solutions
  • database systems
IT technologies
In our work we use cutting-edge IT solutions and other technologies well suited to the Client’s software to be maintained. We focus on .NET (C#) technology, and also work with other solutions, such as Java, Progress 4GL (Progress OpenEdge) and Borland Delphi. Our projects are developed in a flexible manner to cater for our Clients’ needs and expectations. As a standard, we apply our original, tested project management model (based on RUP), but if there is such a possibility, we may switch to other methods (e.g. Agile - SCRUM).