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We have already created dozens of tailor-made IT solutions for our Clients to support their key processes. We prepared software adjusted to different sectors, from marketing, through industry, to banking and finances (where our expertise is the strongest). Below, we present a short summary of the systems that we have implemented for our Clients over the years:


System supporting the sales process for loans, insurance, deposits, leasing, etc. through own branches and external sales networks.

The system supports the full scope of sales process – from presenting product range to potential customers, simulations and assistance with selection of the most suitable product, quick and easy sales processing, to full documentation printouts and contract signing.

Selected features:
  • effective offer preparation
    • offer simulators including compare function, payment schedule generators, mechanisms of credit worthiness verification,
    • context sensitive help and product tips, extended data verification mechanisms,
    • customer and company registers,
    • creators of presentations and information for customers;
  • business processes automation
    • automatic client verification (through credit information service provided by BIK, and in other databases),
    • automatic generation of verification requests (if they need to be done by a human),
    • automatic decision-making (based on the implemented scoring mechanism),
    • mechanisms of business rules verification and compliance with rules of procedure;
  • supporting documents
    • generation of required documents (e.g. information sheet, application, sales agreement),
    • scans of required documents (using an integrated scanning module in the system), a copy is then automatically attached to appropriate application form;
  • product definition and support
    • product and special offers register, definable fields to customize specific forms,
    • independent product flowcharts, availability rules defined for specific groups of clients;
  • sales supervision and optimization
    • reports, application and flowchart history,
    • immediate change distribution over the sales network;
  • sales network management
    • multidimensional sales structure,
    • settlement support,
    • training mechanisms for sales partners, HelpDesk communication platform;
  • integration with external systems

The product was praised by an independent panel and got a recommendation from the professional magazine Gazeta Bankowa in the annual Top Chart competition (Pl. Hit Roku) 2010.


The LandingPage system is an advanced form creator that enables users to build web pages supporting all kinds of Internet campaigns (marketing, public relations, sales promotion). The system ensures communication with different target groups and enables data collection.

The system can be used wherever there is a need to collect data through electronic communication channels. Its range of application is very wide, e.g. creation of client databases or mailing lists, campaigns on the Internet (for information, public relations, cross-selling, etc. purposes), electronic application processes along with automatic generation of documents, optimum advertising campaigns such as landing page, marketing research (questionnaires, polls, company reviews, product and service ratings), collecting ideas, or Customer and Partner satisfaction surveys, ...

Selected features:
  • website design
    • full control over website design (from graphics and content, to CSS files and JavaScript libraries),
    • multiuse webpage templates mechanism,
    • visuals editors, media library, result preview;
  • unrestricted form creation
    • quick and easy ‘clicking’ in of a new form (no expertise in programming languages or HTML is required),
    • an ample set of controls for boxes (at different levels of sophistication),
    • flexible configurators (multi-variant publishing control, workflow);
  • interactive forms
    • event and defined logical conditions mechanisms (context sensitive forms and scope depending on user actions),
    • a comprehensive system of validators, multi-variant hints for form fields and ensuring correct personal data handling,
    • from simple forms to multipage wizards,
    • temporary saving option with the possibility to continue filling the form later;
  • ensuring high quality data
    • well-developed system of validators, multi-variant hints for fields and ensuring correct personal data handling;
  • on-the-go optimization of campaigns
    • extended statistics, analysis of malfunctioning fields, reports,
    • automatic integration with webpage traffic analysis solutions,
    • dynamic changing of webpage design and form content along with smooth redirection of traffic;
  • integration with external systems and affiliation networks
    • a system of exporters with API, plug-ins,
    • affiliated network support,
    • tracking code and external monitoring system support;
Loan management system

A system that supports and automates the process of loan release, settlement and handling (including post-sales care).

The system can be used whenever there is a need to ensure management of various types of financial products (loans in particular). Due to extensive automation, the system works in a way that is almost transparent, and operators only need to monitor, decide in non-standard cases and register individual actions in specific agreements (if so required).

Selected features:
  • a wide range of operations available for loan agreements
    • from the moment the agreement is introduced into the system, through e.g. payment, cost, securitisation handling, agreement transfer to external funds, fraud handling, changes to interest rates, early payment, up to the final clearance;
  • effective processing of agreements
    • automatic processing of notifications about agreement operations,
    • complex calculation and settlement algorithms (e.g. adding and removing settlements, payment simulations, ESPs, accruals, balance and reserves),
    • decision making module with open case handling option, so that the user can review and decide disputable actions (flagged during automatic processing);
  • comprehensive mechanisms of validation and supervision of actions undertaken within the system
    • detecting and reporting anomalies in processed agreements or flagging irregularities in agreement operations (in the context of current agreement),
    • monitoring single agreement processing and bulk processing of full range of data at the end of defined periods,
    • generating a broad range of reports and information related to specific agreements (with an option to transfer data to external systems);
  • setting parameters and system configuration
    • defining financial products and their handling and settlement parameters,
    • handling registers and system parameters;
  • integration with external systems
    • the module of input task importers from external systems (e.g. for sales or debt recovery purposes),
    • handling cash transfers (e.g. payments allocated to different agreements, automatic definition of overpaid amount returns to clients);
Zlecenia (Orders)

Zlecenia (Orders) is an IT system that serves as a central command deck for tasks performed within a company.

It encompasses the whole process – task planning (including division of work into tasks assigned to specific functions), task supervision, budget checks, settlements, deadlines and timelines, as well as on-line communication with clients. The system assist staff in arranging their activities and provides access to all the above information.

Selected features:
  • A to Z handling of orders,
  • managing orders and supervising their completion,
  • inventory of tasks carried out by employees, as well as points agreed and communication with clients,
  • budget checks and completion date verification,
  • reports and registers related to customer service and processes within the company,
  • integration with external systems (e.g. notification systems used by the company’s clients),
  • on-line support via a dedicated app;

This software supports an inventory of tasks assigned to employees, along with control and clearing of work timesheets, calculation of different components of pay and costs per task scope within projects carried out by staff.

It covers many aspects related to HR management and work supervision in the company, i.e. labour law compliance, work efficiency checks and payroll management.

Selected features:
  • managing staff and their allocated workload parameters,
  • handling different worktime arrangements (standard, task driven, flexible – work schedules),
  • registering working times and activities of employees, along with a broad range of validation of in-house business rules (rules and regulations) and Labour Code compliance,
  • assigning tasks to employees and to specific projects, enabling project clearance and analysis of how much time is spent on projects,
  • calculating different pay components (overtime, night shifts, business trips), payments and overtime validation,
  • monitoring and supervision of assigned tasks by line managers,
  • generating reports (e.g. overtime timesheets, summary timesheet, attendance monitoring),
  • integration with external systems (HR, data warehouse, ...);
Management of banking financial products

A dedicated, comprehensive database system for management and administration of different types of loans (car loans, mortgage loans, cash loans, credit cards).

The system offers a wide range of services related to different aspects of loan processes and supervision of post-sales customer support. It is an important link within the information exchange chain in a bank, integrating and collaborating closely with other banking systems.

Selected features:
  • releasing loans
    • generation of payment schedules, automation of transfer of funds;
  • post-sales back office support
    • automatic clearance of payments made by customers, generation of altered payment schedules;
  • monitoring and debt recovery
    • including communication, debt recovery task list management, recording contacts with the customer, debt restructuring;
  • regular mail handling
    • automatic generation of letters, assigning numbers to registered mail, barcodes;
  • accounting
    • interest accrual, loan classification, reserve calculation, integrated in-house ledger;
  • document workflow
    • decision-making flowchart, decision history, incoming and outgoing documents;
  • reporting
    • WEBIS, accounting, sales, insurance and management reports;
  • settlements with partners
    • commission calculation, invoices;
  • integration with other in-house and external systems
    • e.g. accounting, sales and post-sales systems, corporate portal, loan information bureau (BIK), insurance and debt collection companies;
Utility Bills System

A solution that enables local points of sale to accept payment of utility bills (e.g. electricity, gas, phone), handle and settle them.

The system enables both accepting and making such payments, but also sales network management and monitoring of mutual settlements (including commission payments). Right now, it is used in several hundred points of sale across Poland.

Selected features:
  • register and management of a sales network structure,
  • registering payments (and generating receipts and required forms),
  • front desk service and handling of cash transfers to banks (in bulk),
  • financial obligation settlement (including commission) with points of sale;
Legal debt recovery

A system that enables taking over and handling debt recovery assignments from companies.

The system offers a platform for long-term collaboration between companies that have debtors and a law firm offering comprehensive legal service related to debt recovery. It supports the clients at each and every stage of procedure (pre-court and court proceedings), ensuring efficient service and smooth communication between the parties.

Selected features:
  • client and their debt recovery-related tasks management,
  • registration of debt recovery tasks by clients (on-line),
  • registration of specific cases in the database of debt recovery requests coming from a given client,
  • handling of cases and settlement of any case-related cashflows (payments, costs, accrued interests), full documentation of case history, with the client having access to current case status,
  • collection of documents and correspondence (along with a document generator with document templates),
  • managing communication between the parties,
  • support in case handling by e-courts (integration with the EPU case management system);
eWnioski (eApplications)

Online loan applications that make it possible to file and pre-process an on-line loan application from any device: smartphone, tablet, computer.

Selected features:
  • a comprehensive loan application form, created with an extended wizard, including built-in mechanisms of form validation for missing or inaccurate data (e.g. citizen/company identification number such as PESEL, REGON, etc.),
  • automation of the application filling process and limiting the quantity of data that the client’s needs to key in (compared to a full loan application), autofill functionality,
  • client reliability check based on external registers,
  • informing the client about the bank’s decision during the on-line application process,
  • ensuring loan application compliance with different screen resolutions (using Responsive Web Design);
Loyalty programs

A system that ensures management and handling of customized loyalty programs for companies.

The solution consists of two modules: the back office, customized for the organizer of a loyalty scheme, and the front desk for scheme participants. It is possible to simultaneously define many parallel loyalty programs for different target groups.

Selected features:
  • defining diverse partner collaboration models and loyalty programs,
  • broad scope of integration with business partners' IT systems,
  • automation of processes related to settlements and loyalty points calculation,
  • handling transactions related to loyalty programs (including award catalogue management, support for award suppliers),
  • support in electronic communication for loyalty programs,
  • a wide range of reports included in the system,
  • built-in possibility to re-scale the system along with extension of partner network and the number of loyalty programs,
  • easy maintenance and updates,
  • user friendly, intuitive interface;
Corporate portal

Integration of bank’s resources and IT systems, providing access in a one-stop shop solution.

Selected features:
  • the system aims to facilitate tasks performed by staff and partner entities (call center, sales network)
  • a pool of apps that e.g.:
    • enhance communication and product development (notice boards, forums, procedures, form and agreement templates),
    • ensure workflow management,
    • generate reports (marketing, sales, management),
    • enable marketing campaigns and customization of offers for clients,
    • manage loyalty programs for sales networks,
    • provide help desk support,
    • enable other, special banking operations (e.g. loan calculators, asset management, post-sales care, Eurotax estimates, suspicious transactions monitoring and many other);