friendly IT solutions
we will transform it into
a good IT system,
in line with our motto
friendly IT solutions
... from A to Z, on time, for sure
Trust the facts
years in business on the IT market since the company was set up
:-) a whole range of satisfied Clients, among others:
Orderly processes
ISO all key processes have been standardized and certified in line with the ISO 9001 – one of many mechanisms ensuring good quality in ITeam
BCP processes that ensure your business is running, so that you get ongoing support every day
KNF ITeam is registered with the Financial Supervision Authority in Poland as an entity working closely with Banks, which means we need to meet rigorous standards
All under one roof
100% of services necessary to complete an IT project are provided by us
we will provide
a fresh outlook
from our experienced consultants,
to successfully assist you
in finding the best solution
Trust the facts
A wide range of services
consulting IT consulting services
audits diagnosing current IT situation and business software used within your company
vision IT solution visions tailored just for you, shaping ideas future systems
analysis defining functional and non-functional IT requirements, software specification
> 1 000 completed analytical IT commissions (creating visions, performing system requirement analysis at different levels of detail)
we will either build from scratch
tailor-made software
or we will maintain
an existing code
Trust the facts
> 300 completed large and medium software development projects
> 7 000 small projects and code assignments for big systems
Quality with a capital Q
QA each of our solutions undergoes comprehensive in-house and external tests
CR code-review (by different people) is just one of the tools we use to verify that our software is indeed flawless
UX solution ergonomics is one of our priorities, we want our systems to be easy and comfortable to use
Reliable solutions
> 4 200 number of users in one of our business systems
> 1 700 number of branches using one of our bank systems
> years number of years one of our systems has been in use in a bank
you can focus
on your business,
while we do the rest...
no worries
Trust the facts
24/7 we are on call 24h a day, 7 days a week
> 15 000 problems reported by users and solved by our help desk
> 87% potential problems detected even before the Client reports them – all due to our active monitoring
we believe that
a job well done
is another step
on our path together
just give it a try ...
Trust the facts
Client satisfaction
= 94% current average of positive responses our Clients give to „I would recommend ITeam”
~ 60% how many of our new Clients are referrals from our existing Clients
Innovative and effective solutions
99.7% operations that are automatically calculated by the loan settlement system, setting your employees free to do more pressing tasks
1-szy the first Polish system for handling loan applications on-line
1-sze the first Polish solution for creating LandingPage campaigns and interactive forms