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Santander Consumer Bank S.A.

Santander Consumer Bank S.A. - member of Grupo Santander Central Hispano of Spain, one of the largest financial groups worldwide. The Bank's history in Poland dates back to 2001 when a merger of CC-Bank S.A. (a product of transformation of the Polish branch of Bank of America) and Polskie Towarzystwo Finansowe produced PTF Bank SA, which ultimately changed its name in 2006 to Santander Consumer Bank. The bank focuses its activity on services provided to individual clients and business proprietors. Its service range is mainly concerned with consumer finance, i.e. car loans and cash loans.

Our company has been with the Bank since its establishment in Poland.

Nest Bank S.A.

Nest Bank is a brand made for the whole family. It offers safe, stable and transparent financial products for individual clients and micro companies.

This Polish universal Bank was established in 1995 as FM Bank SA (publicly listed company). In 2013, FM Bank SA merged with Polski Bank Przedsiębiorczości SA. Since then and until the 31st of October 2016, the Bank conducted business activities under the name FM Bank PBP SA using two brands: Bank Smart (the first mobile bank in Poland, based on the „mobile first” model) and BIZ Bank (focusing on support for Polish entrepreneurs). On the 1st of November 2016 both brands and the company were renamed Nest Bank SA.

Our company has been the Bank’s business partner for many years, starting with the FM Bank PBP SA, working with both brands - BIZ Bank and Smart Bank, and still working for the current entity under the legal name Nest Bank.

FM Bank PBP S.A.

Bank powstały z połączenia FM Banku SA z Polskim Bankiem Przedsiębiorczości SA, będący połączeniem silnej pozycji FM Banku w bankowości dla mikro firm, małych przedsiębiorstw i klientów indywidualnych oraz wysokich kompetencji Polskiego Banku Przedsiębiorczości operującego na rynku średnich przedsiębiorstw oraz samorządów.

BIZ Bank

Bank koncentrujący się na wspieraniu polskiej przedsiębiorczości, opierający filozofię działania na budowaniu wyspecjalizowanej oferty dla mikrofirm, dla ludzi przedsiębiorczych prowadzących własną działalność gospodarczą i profesjonalistów. Stanowi część FM Banku PBP SA.


Bank Smart jest marką FM Banku PBP SA. Jest pierwszym mobilnym bankiem w Polsce, opierającym swoją działalność na zasadzie „mobile first" (udostępnianie wszystkich produktów i usług w pierwszej kolejności poprzez urządzenia mobilne: smartfon czy tablet, a dopiero później dostosowanie ich do innych kanałów dostępu).

SGB-Bank S.A.

By setting up the Cooperative Bank Group (SGB), the Bank followed a long tradition of Polish cooperative banks and positive experiences of similar structures abroad. The strategic aim of SGB-Bank was to create a cutting-edge banking group, equipped with latest technology, a strong competitor to other banks and based on the principle that its basic building blocks are Cooperative Banks associated within the group.

Bank Współpracy Europejskiej SA (currently Meritum Bank ICB SA)

One of the Polish banks (in the market since 1990), offering a comprehensive range of services for business operators. It was the first Polish bank to obtain the approval of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority for selling currency options. In 2009, its name was changed to Meritum Bank ICB SA.

SMS Kredyt Sp. z o. o.

SMS Kredyt Sp. z o. o. (Ltd.) offers instalment loans to individuals. It mainly works in collaboration with loan agencies across Poland, quickly expanding in the on-line loan sector.

Profeskasa S.A.

The company offers comprehensive organisational, legal and IT solutions for payment service agents (individual and corporate). Profeskasa is a member of SMS Kredyt Holding S.A.

Banking Retail System Sp. z o.o.

Banking Retail System deals with integration of financial services market, its mission being to facilitate business for financial intermediaries. The company offers financial intermediaries a wide range of banking and non-banking products for individual Clients and companies.

The National Forum of Music

The National Forum of Music in Wrocław is an art institution created in 2014 as a result of a merger between the international festival Wratislavia Cantans and Witold Lutosławski’s Philharmonics in Wrocław. One of the biggest concert venues in Central Europe, it regularly hosts ten music festivals, attracting the best Polish and foreign artists.
The National Forum of Music boasts over 70 years of history told with music.


TERG S.A. owns Media Expert, a national network of stores specializing in multimedia, electrical home appliances, laptop computers, cameras, smartphones and bicycles, scooters, quads, electrical tools, relaxation and garden tools.


The company is a leader of the clean energy sector. It provides clients across the globe with electricity, heating and cooling, offering intelligent solutions that lead to a bigger resource use efficiency.

Work Service S.A.

The largest operator in the Polish market of job-related services, particularly personnel consulting, human resources management and business functions outsourcing.

Promesa Plus sp. z o.o.

Promesa Insurance Group offers a wide range of insurance products and services for consumers, corporate clients and insurance agents.

ViBil Sp. z o. o.

Law company specializing in cash debt recovery. Due to a one-of-a kind philosophy of on-line business, it offers quick and easy service to its clients.

Family Finance S.A.

A financial intermediary business, providing financial consultancy services and sales of loans

Polskie Towarzystwo Finansowe S.A.

Polskie Towarzystwo Finansowe had operated in the market of financial services from 1995 to 2005 when it became the foundation for a newly formed bank (currently Santander Consumer Bank). It ranked fourth in the 2004 lists of top credit agents and was at the same time the largest car loan operator. The company's offer consists of car loans, mortgage loans, cash loans and leases, with a series of supplementary services, such as motor vehicle insurance, life insurance, or car sales.
ITeam SA has provided a full range of IT services to PTF (including software systems development and hardware facilities) at the company's headquarters as well as its 1700 branches nationwide, including customer service points, car dealers and used car dealerships.

Bonus Club sp. z o.o.

Bonus Club offers loyalty programmes, incentives and sales support for companies, focusing particularly on the B2B market.

HEADWAY Sp. z o.o.

The company provides Internet services to small businesses, including creation, maintenance and optimisation of websites.

Cenatorium Sp. z o.o.

The company offers the largest real estate transactions database in Poland, which is updated in real time.


A partner for businesses that offers a broad range of marketing activities, from brand creation, through advertising, promotion and consultancy to sales campaigns.

Sfera Group

One of the largest PR consultancy firms in the Lower Silesia region. It offers comprehensive support of external and internal corporate communications. Apart from its PR activities, it is also involved in strategic consulting, marketing communication and execution of sales boosting programmes.

Swisspol Capital SA

An investment holding operating on a venture capital basis. It manages investments in the regulated stock market as well as investment of its own capital, independent administration and management of investments.


Schampera, Dubis, Zając i Wspólnicy Sp.k. legal practice is a member of the SCHINDHELM network of European legal practices.

"Kondycja" Recreation & Sports Society

A society for amateur sports enthusiasts. The mission of the Society is to create comfortable conditions for children, youth and adults for practicing sports and taking care of their fitness and health.

Management of financial products (banking and insurance products) of various institutions

While building IT systems for financial institutions, we have worked with various banks, insurance companies and other organisations.