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Software development
When you know precisely what type of an IT system you would like to have, it is time for implementation. We offer a comprehensive tailored software development service, whether from scratch or on the basis of a provided system specification. Work on providing the service will proceed according to the efficient software development process we have built over the years, covered by the Quality Management System. Close cooperation with the client throughout the process is a priority for our efforts and guarantees project success for the Client.

According to the Client's requirements, we are ready to successfully build your software as mobile apps, online applications, desktop applications (controlled by Windows OS), or dedicated database platforms.

We offer a broad range of technologies for your use, including:
  • programming languages: C#, Java, Delphi, ABL
  • software development platforms: .NET, Java Enterprise Edition, Progress OpenEdge
  • databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Firebird i inne
Approach to execution
The scope of work carried out within software development service is defined in detail within a specific project. By default, we take the following steps along the software development process:
  • Consulting on the project scope and approach
    During the initial phase, we will identify your needs and create the solution concept optimised for you. We learn about system specifications and we estimate the costs of software development. We also determine the method and approach to project execution and we create an execution schedule to enable you to benefit from complete solutions as soon as possible. If you do not yet have a system specification or are currently defining the vision of your software, we can offer our support in the field. Learn about the advantages you will get with our Consulting and professional Requirements Analysis services.
  • We create solution architecture and system design
    Contemporary systems consist of multiple layers and interfaces. We design them specifically with the use of Enterprise Architect and UML language to be able to define integration and relationships between individual system components. A well defined project ensures smooth implementation of your software and therefore a lower cost of execution.
  • We develop
    Within the framework of our programming jobs, we use verified components, libraries and solutions - we wish to ensure that what you receive is truly high quality. As in any other stage of our work, our code development also involves use of our proprietary solutions for progress tracking and monitoring so that we do not disregard any detail along the way.
  • We verify the quality of our outcomes
    Application testing is an indispensable step of every project - its quality determines the ultimate quality of the complete software. We approach this project phase with utmost care - apart from tests conducted during the code development stage, we engage in precise planning of a separate testing process, specifying the types and extent of tests, building test cases, recording test tasks and detected errors, while every fix (in response to any defect discovered) is processed under strict supervision and retested accordingly. These activities help us optimise the testing process - we will certainly find middle ground between application testing duration and efficiency.
  • We support acceptance testing
    System acceptance by customer often entails intensive testing to verify its compliance with expectations. We help organise such tests and we answer any questions, and we proceed with respect to any nonconformity discovered by the Client or any need for change in accordance with a dedicated change management process existing at the company.
  • Implementation
    When the software is ready for start-up, it is installed in the target start-up environment. However, if you do not yet have an environment for your system implementation, we may help you develop such environment.
    The implementation process is preceded by drafting a detailed plan to minimise the risk of failure and to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances that may occur. If necessary, we may provide training for your system users.
  • Stabilisation
    For more complex and responsible software, we must ensure quick response to any nonconformity discovered, particularly in the first two weeks or so after software implementation. If such a requirement is reported, we guarantee special availability of our technical staff and short problem solving times (within a special SLA package).
  • We offer post-implementation support
    If necessary, we can provide a properly trained team of experts to ensure post-implementation service. We also declare willingness and readiness to continue system development.
Software development is a process with which we have particularly extensive experience. Therefore, if you hire us to produce your software:
  • you will have a solution matched perfectly to your needs and streamlining your business wherever this is necessary,
  • you will have your system completed on time and for a reasonable price,
  • you will avoid problems with adapting OEM software to your needs, and you will not have to pay for functionalities you do not need,
  • you will have a high quality solution, with certified internal quality management standards,
  • you will be able to monitor project costs and progress on-line, through an application provided for that purpose,
  • we will provide professional support at every stage of system design and use, proactive consultancy and preference conditions for further development of your system.

Would you like to learn more about our experience in the field of ongoing projects? Take a look at the section our competences