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New idea? Need? Required change? Willing to improve something? Or perhaps an unsolved problem? Continuously following change and taking more and more decisions, which will translate to the company's bottom line and operating efficiency, is the daily reality of every business. Some of them are lower in rank, while others are of strategic importance for the future of your organisation, requiring in-depth thinking and analysis. In the latter case, our experienced consultant team can offer a fresh view from, in order to "successfully help you accomplish your goals with the use of information technologies" according to our mission statement.
In the case of most changes in corporate management, such as:
  • a new idea for business development, e.g. entering new markets,
  • problems identified in the company's ongoing operations,
  • inadequate or failing IT solutions (whether within the existing software at the company or IT infrastructure and support solutions),
  • need to adapt your organisation to changes in the environment, including legislative changes,
  • expanding the scale of business and related need to streamline processes,

the right solution to the problems you encounter and the recipe for improvement is often to implement a new IT solution or to develop existing systems at the company.

Approach to execution
Therefore, the question is whether you can actually see the need to make changes in your organisation. If so, our proposal is to benefit from our knowledge and experience, with special attention to:
  • listening carefully to your business ideas and/or information about your problem, as well as getting to know each other and building partner relations on the basis of mutual respect and pursuing a common goal,
  • becoming acquainted with your entire organisation to see the broader business perspective of the idea you presented to us,
  • looking at the solutions currently implemented at your company, in order to face the need for change and decide the right directions of further action,
  • employing all our knowledge and experience to proceed with discussions, surveys and meetings in order to determine the best solution options, in terms of IT, costs, and also the unique features of your business,
  • presenting every solution from multiple perspectives to facilitate your decision on selection of the right option through addressing your questions and doubts,
  • structuring the acquired knowledge (on such a level of detail needed at the given time) so that you have a preliminary specification of the features and functionalities of the selected IT solution, according to your actual business needs and budget capabilities.
Please remember that we will define the methodology and rules of our cooperation through direct face to face discussion.
The following shall be achieved through our initial meetings:
  • precise definition of the scope and assumptions for the contemplated IT solutions,
  • evaluated verification and analysis of available IT resources, of a specific system, or a pending project,
  • structuring business processes and optimising the costs and process of new IT system implementation - you will only pay for what you actually need,
  • documentation defining the system architecture, matching your needs and abilities,
  • preliminary estimation of deployment costs for the IT system according to the developed concept,
  • taking an informed decision regarding the method to resolve a problem or to implement an idea, considering third party experts' fresh view, the advantages and disadvantages of the particular options, the budget, and other factors,
  • both parties acquiring stable, flexible and reliable partners,
  • both parties' satisfaction with their cooperation (we give our knowledge, experience and consultancy free in defining project assumptions).
We have practical experience in multiple technologies and many different areas of IT. We are aware of all the aspects of the impact of IT on business and we have frequently offered our help as advisors in projects with varying degrees of complexity (from simple to complex merger projects). With our consultancy, you will receive professional assistance - you will choose the right technology, software vendor, or IT architecture, maintaining full objectivity and independence of vendors. Call us or fill in the contact form so that we can create assumptions for an IT system conforming to your actual needs.